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Jeppesen JeppView Serial Key yakjam

🤟🏿 Jeppesen JeppView Serial Key ⚙
How to modify/change the serial number: Close the JeppView application; In File Explorer, navigate to the C:Program Files (x86)Jeppesen folder. In this folder, in the MaintenanceTool folder, select the Maintainer folder. At the very bottom, find the Developer folder and right-click on it and select "Open folder with the installed program." Then open the program folder by double-clicking on it. The Developer folder will open.
Click on the file of the Developer subsection (if it is not selected). A new folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JeepWorks\Modify\JepView will appear.
Go to this folder and in the Options menu open the Tabs section. Let's go to the Settings tab.
In this tab, open the section Ability to manipulate the file for deletion. Then click on the Change Data Type button.
Rice. 6.11.
Next, notice the Color field, which displays the color for switching: green for the step of deleting records, red for the step of modifying them, and gray for the step of creating the file.
Click the Elements button and select Groups. This will open the Groups window. The Creation Groups item will allow you to rename, modify, move or delete the Jeppesense project.
Changing data types. Click the View button to select either Full Screen or Forced. Move or change Jeppese data types.
Stop the selected option by clicking the OK button. Depending on the option you choose, you can see what has changed in the System Management window. To do this, in the layers tree, in the Export section, click the Import link.
Select the name of the file you want to export from the pop-up window. Then go to the project folder, copy the folder with the source project into it, and click the Open button.
Then, when you click on the name of the original project in the toolbar, right-click on it and select Modify or Replace.
After that, find and select the Project 1.1.Jepsisen.bat project file.
To delete a project, click on the Data object to delete it, then right-click on it and select Delete from the context menu f02ee7bd2b