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Allison DOC (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) For PC n is a diagnostic system designed for use by .NET developers. Visual Studio Neural Networks is the first built-in environment for running neural networks in Visual.Net and VS 2016. Visu..
One of the key features of Visual System C 2017 is the use of the advanced Visual C# .NET language in real time. It allows developers to develop simple applications for data analysis, as well as collect and analyze large amounts of data. Program Visual..
Visual Basic for Applications is a powerful application development environment based on the built-in capabilities of Microsoft Visual Runtime and .NT 4.0, which allows you to create applications for Windows and .Net both based on a class library (C# interface) and based on external component objects: in ..
MicroSoft FX Visual Suite is an integrated package solution that simplifies and accelerates the development and maintenance of applications for MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint and MS Access, and many other applications. Visalizer is a line parsing tool in Viso. Visi..
Access v5.6.0.331 is a new generation of Microsoft Access, which is designed to control access to texts, tables, databases and presentations. Access takes a fundamentally new approach to creating databases based on the application of intelligent technology based on heuristics and full functionality considerations.InSales Workflow Designer is a powerful tool for creating perfect sales pages for your online store. With it, you can create modern, effective pages that will attract new customers and keep them throughout the entire process of interacting with the site...
Business Studio is a powerful process management tool that consists of a complete set of tools for comprehensive organization, task and project management. It even includes utilities such as a version control system, a CRM system, a manual and a system of tasks for developing, managing, updating ..
The Components Evaluation Kit is a unique application that allows you to evaluate the time spent, the result and the cost of creating components and plugins found on your site. Component Evaluator will keep you on the sidelines and make your work as transparent and understandable as possible... f02ee7bd2b